Work reviews

Work reviews

Teaching reviews

I’ve been a professor of law at Rutgers Law School and political science at Rutgers University in Newark. For students’ reviews of my teaching, all unedited, click here.  The reviews include:

“Steven is the best professor at Rutgers.”
“Original, fresh and invigorating.”
“Best teacher ever.  Brilliant.”
“I have never had a professor so passionate about not only the coursework but also the students’ learning process.”
“Professor Steven is simply the greatest professor who ever lived.”  

Book reviews

My HarperCollins book The Turn-On was named one of the top five marketing books of the year by Porchlight Book Reviews.  The book received widespread acclaim, including:

“A potentially life-changing read from cover to cover.” Midwest Book Reviews
“Every page is fascinating.” Booklist
“Goldstein’s expertise shines in a psychologically provocative study on the gravity of charm.” Kirkus Reviews
“Highly recommended. Goldstein’s background as a congressional lawyer, television producer, activist, and communications adviser has provided him ample opportunity to study the construct of likeability.” Library Journal

10 Emmys

Five Emmy Awards for investigative reporting.
Two Emmy Awards for news writing.
One Emmy Award for multipart news series.
One Emmy Award for breaking hard news.
One Emmy Award for specialty reporting.

Civil rights awards

John Lewis Civil Rights Prize, National Stop the Violence Campaign
James Baldwin Icon Award, Newark Pride
Community Service Award, New Jersey AFL-CIO
Leadership Award, National LGBTQ Task Force
Freedom Award, Metropolitan Community Church
Civil Rights Award, New Jersey Citizen Action
Civil Rights Award, BlueWaveNJ