News and Reviews of The Turn-On

“EDITOR’S CHOICE. Goldstein provides “thoughtful examination and perceptiveness of the likeability of the nearly three hundred stars in politics, business, and entertainment he profiles. The examples come at a quick, constant, and delightfully quirky juxtaposed pace. None of us is perfectly likeable, but we can become more likeable if we want to, and Goldstein gives us plenty of reasons and evidence for why we might want to try.”

“Even though lawyer, producer, and activist Goldstein didn’t intend this to be a how-to book, readers will find themselves asking about the public perception of their own likability and what might help improve it. Real-world examples using recognizable names, from celebrities (Meryl Streep, Tiffany Haddish) to world leaders (Ben Franklin, Barack Obama), past and present, make every page fascinating. A great selection for readers interested in social sciences, studies in human nature, and personal development, and those who are just plain curious.”

“LJ Verdict: Highly recommended. Goldstein’s background as a congressional lawyer, television producer, activist, and communications adviser has provided him ample opportunity to study the construct of likability. References to present-day events improve readers’ understanding of the author’s thesis and the work’s timely relevance.”

“Goldstein’s expertise shines in a psychologically provocative study on the gravity of charm, charisma, and outward impressions. He provides insightful analysis of eight likability traits and how each factors into and cultivates our impressions, opinions, and takeaways of others, particularly public figures like CEOs, world leaders, and celebrities.”